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  1. BTAA OmniPoP VLANs
  2. MOXI (Midwest OpenFlow Crossroads Initiative)
  3. BTAA IPv6 allocations
  4. MX2010 Ports 710 NLSD
  5. MX2010 Ports 600 W Chicago
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  1. ServiceNow-Documentation
  2. ServiceNow-Documentation
  3. Fiber Carrier Maps

Maps & Documentation

Fiber Carrier Maps

Fiber map for Level3

Illinois Managed WAN, Ethernet, Dark Fiber & IP Services | Sunesys, LLC

Zayo Chicago fiber map,41.884151

WOW! Partner Alliance Fiber Maps

Metro Fiber Maps: Chicago Metro Area | Telecom Ramblings


The following Noc Docs were written from the perspective of I-Light, however, they can be applied to BTAA as well. 

Please refer to the following for using Service Now: 



The following documents were written in the context of the I-Light Network, however, the process is the same for BTAA. Please refer to the following documents for BTAA Service Now: 

Note: Remember to use the Organization BTAA instead of I-Light as you refer to these documents. 


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